Wholesale Information

Correct as of 27 August 2021


  • Please contact us for wholesale pricing.
  • Freight – $15.00+GST Australia-wide. Local pickup is not available.

Eligibility to be a Stockist

  • Be in the vet or pet industry, and
  • Be located in Australia, and
  • Be a registered business, registered association or registered training organisation, and
  • Must not be engaged in the production, sale or support of puppies and/or kittens for commercial purposes.


  • There is no minimum order quantity.
  • Orders are done directly through Simply Seaweed by email.
  • First orders require prepayment, otherwise payment terms are net 30 days. Prepayment may be requested for large orders or in other circumstances.
  • Accounts must be paid in full before new orders will be dispatched.

What’s Provided

  • A4 Point of Sale sign in holder (available with or without RRP).
  • Brochure holder with brochures (available with or without RRP).
  • Display jar for customers to see/touch/smell the product.
  • Sample product for staff.
  • Promotion of your organisation through our website and social media.
  • Product images and other graphics available here.

Conditions of Sale

  • Product contents are not for resale or repackaging. This is due to our organic certification requirements and for quality control purposes.
  • Containers must not be relabelled.
  • Products can only be sold within Australia due to patent laws.


  • Simply Seaweed does not sell direct to the customer, meaning we will never be in competition with you.
  • Shelf life is approximately three years from date of supply.

How To Order (Existing Stockists)

Submit orders by email to orders@simplyseaweed.com.au. When placing your order, please advise if you need more brochures or not. Please also let us know if you ever require new or additional promotional items (sign, sign holder, brochure holder, display jar) or staff samples for new staff. If your order arrives in anything less than perfect condition, please do let us know!