Rescue Support Program

Our Rescue Support Program is available to dogs and cats with dental disease who are currently being rehomed through an Australian rescue organisation or shelter. We provide the pet with Simply Seaweed free of charge for the duration that they are in the care of the organisation, plus a month’s supply of product to go with them to their new home.

To aid the pet in finding their new ‘furever’ home, we will help promote them through our social media channels.

To apply for the program, please get in contact with us with the following information:

  • The pet’s name
  • Approximate age
  • Species (dog or cat) and breed if known
  • Size or approximate weight (dogs only)
  • How long the pet has been in foster care for
  • What dental issue(s) the pet has
  • The name and registration number of the organisation the pet is being rehomed through
  • Website address of Adoption Listing
  • Postal address

Please note that Ascophyllum nodosum must not be given to pets with thyroid issues unless under veterinary supervision.

Program Participants

Minnie is an 8 year old female Greyhound who currently resides at “Hotel Kivell” whilst awaiting her furever home. With four teeth removed in the last 6 months plus gingivitis, her journey is being helped by Simply Seaweed. She is available for adoption through Greyhound Adoptions WA. For more information please visit and