Is Ascophyllum nodosum suitable for pets with sensitive stomachs?

Whilst Ascophyllum nodosum is usually well tolerated, each animal is different. Ensure that your pet’s gastrointestinal system is at its best before introducing Simply Seaweed. Introduce the product slowly, gradually increasing the dose as toleration is evident.

Probiotics may help with transition – products such as SkinnyDog Kefir, Protexin or lactose free yogurt.

Will my pet like the taste? If they don’t, do you have any suggestions?

In our experience, dogs are not usually bothered by the product being added to their food. Cats, however, can sometimes be a bit fussy.

Some suggestions are;

  • Start by introducing a very small quantity of the product, gradually increasing the amount up to the recommended dosage
  • If feeding kibble, add a splash of water into the bowl then swirl around the biscuits so that the Ascophyllum nodosum sticks to the biscuits
  • Mix the Ascophyllum nodosum in with a small amount of something yummy, such as lactose free yoghurt, chicken stock, gravy, margarine, sardines, a splash of milk, Brewer’s Yeast or peanut butter
  • For dogs, try hide the Ascophyllum nodosum inside a piece of “dog log” e.g. Prime100